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A new, seamless way to live and move. Connected services offer a new connected experience that will make you rethink your relationship with your car. Accessible via app or your vehicle’s touchscreen, this is how driving will feel in the future.

The connect services difference

Smart parking service

Never drive around looking for a parking space again. Browse all nearby parking spaces on the map, see their cost and availability and even pay for the parking via the touchscreen or through the app.

Cloud navigation

Cloud-based navigation gives you updates on traffic and driving conditions in real-time. What’s more, with a 9” touchscreen, all the info is displayed elegantly and clearly.

Smart fuel assistance

No need to worry about running on empty. Find the nearest fuel stations and even pay via your car.

Remote control

From temperature, to hazard lights, to door locks, controlling your car is as simple as opening an app.


No more time-consuming software updates. Toyota Connected Services updates automatically.

Seamless integration between app and multimedia system

A scan of a QR code is all it takes to link your app and your in-car multimedia system, creating a driving experience more connected than ever before.


Try our Connected Services Simulator and get to know the features for yourself.

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Available on

Yaris Cross
€248 /Month 
Yaris Cross Luna
€363 /Month 
RAV4 Luna SUV 5 Doors


No, Toyota Connected Services is an entirely new service only available on selected models.

Coming complete with its own in-car sim card, Toyota Connected Services allows you to connect to your car in completely new ways.

What’s more, holistic integration between your smartphone and multimedia system makes for the ultimate seamless experience. 

No, MyT is part of Toyota Connected Services. Once you add your new Connected Services enabled vehicle to your MyT account, all of the features will become available. 

Toyota Connected Services is designed to work effortlessly with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


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