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We are all driven to improve. Whether it’s our health or the world around us, it’s our natural instinct to try to make things better. Wellfest is Ireland’s biggest health, fitness and well-being festival, a coming together of people looking to make improvements in their lives and the lives of others. Toyota are delighted to be a part of Wellfest because when we share our ideas, experience, and knowledge, we can help build a better world for everyone.


Only two days to go until Wellfest 2022 kicks off, and it’s sure to be a fantastic weekend. Drop by our dome and take part in some of the fun activities we’ve lined up for you, from sonic baths to guided meditations. You’ll also have the chance to check out some of our self-charging hybrid electric cars for yourself. If you find something you like, we’ll have Toyota ambassadors on the ground to answer any questions you might have.

Mind Yourself

As an official partner to the festival, Toyota are sponsoring the Wellmind area, you’ll catch our incredible ambassador Bressie on Sunday. As one of Ireland’s most vocal and inspiring mental health activists, he will lead a discussion on the importance of looking after your mind, sharing helpful insights based on his own experiences.

Driving Hybrid Electric

While health and fitness is front and centre at Wellfest, the festival is also about making positive changes that benefit the planet, something Toyota are extremely passionate about. We recognise and understand the harmful impact carbon emissions have on our planet. So much so that 25 years ago we set off on our mission to make sustainable mobility available for all.

Today we can proudly say that Toyota is Ireland’s best-selling hybrid electric car brand, with 98% of our cars sold in 2022 being self-charging hybrid electric cars. The people of Ireland are continuing to discover the Hybrid advantage, like better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. A Toyota Hybrid produces up to 40% less carbon dioxide and up to 90% less nitrogen oxide than a diesel car. Our commitment is ongoing. Every day we improve technologically, bringing us ever closer to providing sustainable driving solutions for drivers everywhere.

Moving Forward

Aside from the environment, we’re also making great strides in tackling other everyday issues. We take great pride in our efforts to improve the lives of people with restricted mobility. Our sponsorship of our Paralympians is one we are particular proud of and one we are delighted to continue as they prepare for Paris 2024.

Along with that, we’re always looking for new ways to help people with restricted mobility in their day to day lives, whether it’s adapting current technologies or developing new ones. It’s important work that we’ll continue to innovate in as we strive to build a better future for all.

Plus, we’ll be giving away some amazing prizes, including a stay in the fantastic Finn Lough bubble domes.

So don’t be shy. Pop by and say hello!